Thursday 24 January 2013

The Volvo V40, now the safest car, is it a good lease car?

Volvo, an early adopted of seat belts and pioneer of driving lights have continued their safety first message with the new V40.  As well as being a great drive, it was the aim of the design team at Volvo, now owned by the Chinese company, Greely, to take this car to new levels of safety as part of their target to have cars that nobody will die in by the year of 2020. 

Clearly, advances in technologies have helped the safety drive, with modern strong plastics protecting pedestrians like never before, and that is before the sub-bonnet airbag is deployed to protect them from the engine.  The V40 achieve an NCAP 5 star award with the highest score yet awarded, this for the protection of passengers. So we know you can get a great lease deal and drive a safe car.

Many aspects of the safety of this car are proactive like lane changing avoidance and auto city braking with pedestrian warning. All fantastic, but of little use if not driven safely.  The car has more airbags that has previously been used on a car, including whiplash protection and air curtains.

  Mechanically, the V40 has benefitted from input from the parent company, but basically it continues with Ford running gear starting at the 1.6 diesel and through to the 5 cylinderFord Focus STderived engine.  Inside, the Volvo V40 is fitted out really well, quality and design is great.  We looked at one with leather and the quality of the seating is great.   At,   we love the V40 , click here to get leasing figures.

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