Thursday 17 January 2013

Vauxhall's new engine and Skoda's new test scheme

Vauxhall are launching a new more efficient diesel

Vauxhall have been working hard on a range of new diesel engines.  They have targeted a minimum of 10% improved fuel consumption and also hope to have a quieter, smoother engine for the market by mid this year. With efficiency come emissions and Vauxhall expect to have among the first Euro 6 engines.  Early indications are a 1.6 litre producing 136 bhp and 236 lb ft torque. This is just one of 13 new engines targeted over the next three years.

Skoda announce a test drive scheme for the New Octavia

When its launched in March, Skoda is intending to double it penetration of the corporate sector. Last year, Skoda say they supplied around a third of their Octavia to fleet, but, going forward they intend supplying 60% to fleet, 19,000 cars, and intend getting to that number in three years.  Such is the confidence in the new car.  To be fair to Skoda, the car has been targeted at the fleet market feature like Bluetooth and cruise control being the first and second most requested extras by the fleet market.  Efficiency and therefore benefit in kind are superb, with the new 1.6 Green line version achieving 83 mpg and 89 g/km .  Leasing companies are now confident of the future values of the Skoda range as quality has  proven to be superb, our own Yeti (test drive)   is a joy to use and live with.  The new Octavia is already expected to have great resale values so making it a good value lease deal.

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