Friday 21 December 2012

DVLA hint at getting rid of the tax disc

The DVLA is at last considering getting rid of tax discs,  although not an open discussion, they have confirmed to the BVRLA that it is in deed being considered.  For many years,   trade and fleet bodies have petitioned the Department of Transport to stop using tax discs.   Modern systems, using the registration number can immediately, from a hand held scanner, tell whether a car has tax and insurance, rendering the tax disc unused.   This being the case means that the whole system from the DVLA to administration in companies and fleet operators is spending time and money handling something which is simply not uses. 

Fleet companies and the BVRLA have always included the tax disc in the list of unnecessary time wasting jobs and it reared its head  again this year as the BVRLA carried out an audit that they called their Red Tape Challenge. Estimates already put the savings for the government at something close to £90m plus company savings as well.

What is not being suggested is that the tax is scrapped.   Recent newspaper articles suggesting this is the case and that cheaper fuel from reduced tax would be replaced by toll roads for Government income have been denied by the government.   The merit of this is clear for all to see as someone covering more miles then pays more tax to cover the cost of servicing the roads that they use with the opposite being true of someone covering low miles.   Unfortunately common sense like that does not come easily to a government, especially when they have an existing cash cow, what is being proposed is a tax system that records the payment without raising a disc.  

Tuesday 18 December 2012

Carlease UK Video Blog | Audi Q5 | Car Leasing Deals

Carlease UK Video Blog | Audi Q3 | Car Leasing Deals

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Choosing an ideal car to lease if you opt out

At Carlease UK we know that when a customer opts out of the company car leasing scheme, that you are going to need the best car lease offer that we can arrange for you and help in choosing your car.

We strongly believe in eco-cars and  modern efficient cars like the Focus EcoNetic and Ecoboost   and Hybrid cars like the Toyota  offer fantastic savings in terms of running costs and road fund licence.  In fact, manufacturers have done such a good job that it is beginning to cost the treasury money

At our premises, open 6 days a week,  just up the road from Bents Garden Centre, you can visit us and deal with us personally, something not often offered in our industry.  Our professional account managers will take the time to explain how you can achiever cheaper vehicle leasing, we will discuss your mileage requirements, how long you want to have the vehicle, what deposit you ideally want to pay, do you want to include a maintenance deal and help you understand GAP policies.

If you want to find us, have a look at a Google+ site with location and instructions with a Google Map.  

Opting out of a company car lease deal

If you are opting out of your company car scheme, then you will probably want to speak to someone you can trust and find out about personal contract purchase, PCP. 

Once you have agreed your cash for car allowance and avoided the company car tax, you are free to choose a car more suited to your choice and needs rather than the company car that you were simply going to be given no choice about.  Discounts only given to large fleet buyers are matched for customers taking PCP, when you lease a car this way, you get the best of both worlds.  Carlease UK lease deals give you choice of car, colour, specification and mileage per annum so that it really is the car of your choice. 

You can choose a period for you lease between 24 and 48 month. Your annual mileage can vary between 6000 and 40,000 miles per annum, these factors will of course vary your payment per month.  This can be changed early in your agreement if you believe that you need more miles, it will of course change your monthly payment.   If you opt for a maintenance package, you can have your servicing cost covered, unlimited tyres and exhausts, subject of course to fair wear and tear. 

You may also wish to consider GAP insurance. If you are unfortunate enough to have your car stolen or even written off, this policy will make up any short fall between the outstanding amount on the finance agreement and the amount your insurance company pay out. 

Your choice of vehicle is total; any of our 8500 vehicles are available to you subject to credit.  But, at any given point in time, along with our funders, we have special offers available which represent the best lease deals available.  

Your can normally add accessories as the car will be dealer supplied.   It will come from a huge network of supplying dealers and be delivered to your door at an agreed time on a day to suite you.  

As its your car to use, you can used it to suite you, including taking it abroad, contact us and we will make sure you have any paperwork that you may need.

Our team of experienced account managers will guide you through the process of getting a credit line in place; you will then sign an order form with ourselves that we can use to confirm to supplying dealers the car details. The finance agreement will be emailed or posted to you for completions and return. 

Friday 14 December 2012

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Forgetting the lessons of a driving test

It has to be said that in modern road use safety does not always seem to be at forefront of everyone’s mind. It doesn't  need to be excessive, but after the third driver I had seen this week alone starting to break to turn without having signaled  caused a panic in the driver behind them who was taken completely of guard, it got me thinking. How many of the meticulous rules of the driving test, that we have all had to pass to be on the road, do most people actually follow now that there is no one watching over their shoulder.

Ok so the most obvious point that  I’ve already mentioned is that some people seem to think that they don’t need to indicate in order to turn, or even worse to change lanes on the motorway. This is an outright fail on a driving test and with good reason. Failing to signal and then braking suddenly or turning into someone else’s path gives them no hints at what your going to do and can be extremely dangerous.

Another point that most people seem to have forgotten is the speed limit, going over which is, again, an instant fail on your test. The issue with this is not so much the people doing 90 mph down the motorways, but more those that do 45 in the 30 zones. Speeding really does cause a lot of issues with safety especially in built up areas. The limits are set up for a reason to make sure that the drivers are in full control of their cars and although this is one of the main things that you are taught when learning to drive people seem to disregard it at the first possible opportunity for sake of cutting down on travel time.

These are only two examples of things that people seem to forget after they no longer have somebody watching over them, but it’s possible to list them off, for example: are you still doing all of your mirror checks as you set off, pass around parked cars and generally drive around? This says a lot about the way that driving ability is tested and the frequency with which it should be done, I would love to see some of these drivers cope with a test at the poor quality that they drive at. Most of all however if you look at the ridiculous way in which some people drive it becomes very apparent were a lot of road accidents come from. No matter what we can try to blame for things going wrong on the road, most of it is always going to come down to human error and worse than that human stupidity!

Avoid losing your car due to heavy flooding

With warnings about heavy flooding across the UK now in effect its time that you start thinking about your safety while out driving in these dangerous conditions.


Stories are constantly coming in to Car Lease UK  from our customers  abandoning their cars that have been trapped in flood waters. In reality it really isn’t that hard to avoid getting stuck in a situation like that and unless you are caught in a flash flood it’s very unlikely that you ever will. Firstly if there is a flooded area ahead of you it’s never really sensible to attempt to brave it if you can’t gauge the depth of the water. If the water starts to get into your vehicle it is very likely that this will cause some pretty severe issues and may even result in it ceasing to function entirely. In this situation, you need to be cautious even if you are in a 4x4.  

Flooding and heavy rain also means wet roads, so drive a bit slower and just generally use a bit of common sense when you’re out on wet roads. Listen for traffic advice on the radio and plan your journey out in advance to avoid dangerous roads that are susceptible to flooding.

Wet roads bring with them a whole series of issues but nothing that needs to affect you if you are sensible about it

Friday 7 December 2012

Will the new Transit be the number one van again?

For me the Transit has always been the iconic van of Great Britain. If somebody was having building work, gas, electric or even a decorating job done, the van parked outside has always seemed to be a Transit. Over the last year or so the Transit seems to have fallen from its pedestal somewhat, beaten back by its European rivals. It seems however that all that may be about to change, with the release of the new Transit we are expecting great things.


Via our sister company VanLeaseUK,we  have always got our eyes open for the top of the range commercial vehicles. We have had many years of business partnership with Ford Commercial Vehicles and we are  looking  forward to this van, we  also look forward to  your views on it, contact us on social media via any of the links below:

The new Transit the usual level of quality that we have come to expect from Ford and whether it is the new top of the range totally depends on what you are looking for in your commercial vehicle. With the short wheel base van holding as much as 5.20 cu.m to 7.94 cu.m at as little as 2,582 mm load length, its no surprise that the jumbo van with a load length of 4,122 mm can hold a whopping 14.3 cu.m! So if it is space you’re looking for then this is sure to hit the spot.   


There are a lot of options with this van that allow you to customise it to exactly the specs that suit your van leasing deal. With a choice of SWB, MWB, LWB and even jumbo with another huge variety of customisations within each of these selections to boot!


Apart from the choices,  the base van itself is full of great features that put this van in the highest ranks of quality. The 2.2 litre Duratorq TDCi engine comes with 7 configurations spread across FWD and RWD with one option for AWD as well. With this engine on board as well the Auto-Start-Stop (not ASS) which can reduce your fuel consumption by automatically switching off your engine when the vehicle is idle, the van is built to be eco friendly to save you money and reduce your emissions. With features like the coated diesel particulate filter than can remove as many as 95% of particle output from the exhaust. If you feel like the default isn’t enough, you can even opt for the eco package!

 This van is something to look forward to on the commercial vehicle leasing scene, and we are expecting something great.

Thursday 6 December 2012

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CarLease UK are on FreeIndex for Car Leasing - Check Us Out!

In this online age of car leasing, most companies will profess to be “No.1”, “the best” or “the leading”. Unfortunately, such claims are often very difficult to substantiate and while we do not claim any of the above, we do believe when its comes to leasing a car or leasing a van, we offer good service, competitive prices, an array of vehicle funding options and a number of special offers. This combination of skills makes us a preferable choice for some potential customers; but not everyone!

That being said, the team at CarLease UK believe that we should let our customers should do the talking when it comes to our business. To help us with this, we are now incredibly active with FreeIndex, an independent website which allows customers to rate their experience with the company in question. In our case, you can see what our customers think of CarLease UK for “vehicle leasing”. Some of the reviews are great, while others outline areas we need to improve on. We take on board all comments received and use them to develop our car lease profile, to ensure all our customers have an enjoyable experience.

If you are in the market for car leasing or contract hire, take this opportunity to review us at FreeIndex. Currently 2nd out 118 companies, maybe we are worth your consideration!

Thank you from the team at CarLease UK.

Why choose CarLease UK For Audi Business Contract Hire and Car Leasing -

At Carlease UK, our team of account managers specialize in Audi leasing, both personal contract hire and business contract hire.

In both cases it’s an easy and good value way of financing your cars. Your payment is a fixed monthly amount and your vehicle will be brand new with a full manufacturer’s warranty.  Your capital can be put to better use either privately or in your business.

We can arrange your contract to suit your requirements, you new Audi lease vehicle will typically be financed over 2, 3 or 4 years. You have the option of including top class maintenance.  

 At the end of your contract we will arrange its return and your replace it with a new one and begin a new Audi lease. 

 You choose the car, the spec, the length of contract and we will arrange everything else.

Starting at the Audi A1 from as little as £177.63 per month,   this gorgeous little car has won the What Car Supermini class for two years running. We are not surprised, it’s accomplished, economical, safe and great to drive, you could not ask for more. 
 Audi A1 Sportback
The A3 from £228.87, is available in SE, Sport and S Line models, all are superb and its time on the market has only helped as Audi have constantly worked on handling, ride and overall refinement. 
Audi A3 Hatchback
The A4 from £351 per month,   the saloon by which all other saloons are measured.   It has for years set standards along with the C Class Mercedes and the BMW 320, for all other medium size saloons.
 Audi A4 Saloon Special Editions
The A5 from  £331 per month, available in Convertible and Coupe form has increased its sales volume month on month since its launch.  It sits physically between the A4 and A6 Saloons and is aimed at the “stand out from the crowd” owner.

 Audi A5 Diesel CabrioletAudi A5 Coupe Special Editions

The Q3, Q5 and Q7 offer a four wheel drive with Audi quality in a size to fit all choices, they all use the Haldex part time four wheel drive system and are available on Audi Lease deals on a Business Contract Hire deal from Carlease UK. 

 Audi Q3 EstateAudi Q5 EstateAudi Q7 Estate Special Edition


Carlease UK are proud of the offering that we bring to our customers, the freeindex  website has been set up to offer people like you an indicator of  companies you can trust.   

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Looking for vehicle leasing around Manchester?

If you are looking for vehicle leasing around Manchester, then Carlease UK may be the place that you are looking for.
Car leaseUKis a family owned vehicle leasing company, based in Leigh,Manchester at our own freehold Business Centre.   Car Lease UK is part of Grange Services, a business that has successfully traded for over forty years.
Car Lease UK are members of the BVRLABritish Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association as well as being FSA approved enabling us to offer to GAP Insurance to our clients.
Comprising separate in-house account management and administration teams, Car Lease UK currently employs a team of 10 individuals and pride ourselves on the high level of customer service and client retention. Every client, whether a private individual, sole trader, partnership/LLP or Limited Company/PLC, will receive account management, guidance and after-sales care.
Specialising in eco and commercial vehicle leasing we will try to find you the perfect vehicle for you. We aim to provide consistently competitive funding options on most makes/models of cars and commercial vehicles, including Business Contract Hire and Personal Contract Hire packages, as well as Business and Personal Contract Purchase and also Lease Purchase.
Furthermore, should we be local to you or if you are simply passing nearby, we would welcome your visit to the Car Lease team at our offices in Leigh. For our address, please access the following link.
Car LeaseUKalso reward both loyalty and references, with a loyalty and referral scheme. Please do not hesitate to enquire about this when speaking to one of our team. If you would like to speak to a member of our friendly sales team to discuss your next lease vehicle then please call the number below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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