Tuesday 18 December 2012

Choosing an ideal car to lease if you opt out

At Carlease UK we know that when a customer opts out of the company car leasing scheme, that you are going to need the best car lease offer that we can arrange for you and help in choosing your car.

We strongly believe in eco-cars and  modern efficient cars like the Focus EcoNetic and Ecoboost   and Hybrid cars like the Toyota  offer fantastic savings in terms of running costs and road fund licence.  In fact, manufacturers have done such a good job that it is beginning to cost the treasury money

At our premises, open 6 days a week,  just up the road from Bents Garden Centre, you can visit us and deal with us personally, something not often offered in our industry.  Our professional account managers will take the time to explain how you can achiever cheaper vehicle leasing, we will discuss your mileage requirements, how long you want to have the vehicle, what deposit you ideally want to pay, do you want to include a maintenance deal and help you understand GAP policies.

If you want to find us, have a look at a Google+ site with location and instructions with a Google Map.  

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