Thursday 6 December 2012

CarLease UK are on FreeIndex for Car Leasing - Check Us Out!

In this online age of car leasing, most companies will profess to be “No.1”, “the best” or “the leading”. Unfortunately, such claims are often very difficult to substantiate and while we do not claim any of the above, we do believe when its comes to leasing a car or leasing a van, we offer good service, competitive prices, an array of vehicle funding options and a number of special offers. This combination of skills makes us a preferable choice for some potential customers; but not everyone!

That being said, the team at CarLease UK believe that we should let our customers should do the talking when it comes to our business. To help us with this, we are now incredibly active with FreeIndex, an independent website which allows customers to rate their experience with the company in question. In our case, you can see what our customers think of CarLease UK for “vehicle leasing”. Some of the reviews are great, while others outline areas we need to improve on. We take on board all comments received and use them to develop our car lease profile, to ensure all our customers have an enjoyable experience.

If you are in the market for car leasing or contract hire, take this opportunity to review us at FreeIndex. Currently 2nd out 118 companies, maybe we are worth your consideration!

Thank you from the team at CarLease UK.

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