Friday 7 December 2012

Will the new Transit be the number one van again?

For me the Transit has always been the iconic van of Great Britain. If somebody was having building work, gas, electric or even a decorating job done, the van parked outside has always seemed to be a Transit. Over the last year or so the Transit seems to have fallen from its pedestal somewhat, beaten back by its European rivals. It seems however that all that may be about to change, with the release of the new Transit we are expecting great things.


Via our sister company VanLeaseUK,we  have always got our eyes open for the top of the range commercial vehicles. We have had many years of business partnership with Ford Commercial Vehicles and we are  looking  forward to this van, we  also look forward to  your views on it, contact us on social media via any of the links below:

The new Transit the usual level of quality that we have come to expect from Ford and whether it is the new top of the range totally depends on what you are looking for in your commercial vehicle. With the short wheel base van holding as much as 5.20 cu.m to 7.94 cu.m at as little as 2,582 mm load length, its no surprise that the jumbo van with a load length of 4,122 mm can hold a whopping 14.3 cu.m! So if it is space you’re looking for then this is sure to hit the spot.   


There are a lot of options with this van that allow you to customise it to exactly the specs that suit your van leasing deal. With a choice of SWB, MWB, LWB and even jumbo with another huge variety of customisations within each of these selections to boot!


Apart from the choices,  the base van itself is full of great features that put this van in the highest ranks of quality. The 2.2 litre Duratorq TDCi engine comes with 7 configurations spread across FWD and RWD with one option for AWD as well. With this engine on board as well the Auto-Start-Stop (not ASS) which can reduce your fuel consumption by automatically switching off your engine when the vehicle is idle, the van is built to be eco friendly to save you money and reduce your emissions. With features like the coated diesel particulate filter than can remove as many as 95% of particle output from the exhaust. If you feel like the default isn’t enough, you can even opt for the eco package!

 This van is something to look forward to on the commercial vehicle leasing scene, and we are expecting something great.

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