Tuesday 18 December 2012

Opting out of a company car lease deal

If you are opting out of your company car scheme, then you will probably want to speak to someone you can trust and find out about personal contract purchase, PCP. 

Once you have agreed your cash for car allowance and avoided the company car tax, you are free to choose a car more suited to your choice and needs rather than the company car that you were simply going to be given no choice about.  Discounts only given to large fleet buyers are matched for customers taking PCP, when you lease a car this way, you get the best of both worlds.  Carlease UK lease deals give you choice of car, colour, specification and mileage per annum so that it really is the car of your choice. 

You can choose a period for you lease between 24 and 48 month. Your annual mileage can vary between 6000 and 40,000 miles per annum, these factors will of course vary your payment per month.  This can be changed early in your agreement if you believe that you need more miles, it will of course change your monthly payment.   If you opt for a maintenance package, you can have your servicing cost covered, unlimited tyres and exhausts, subject of course to fair wear and tear. 

You may also wish to consider GAP insurance. If you are unfortunate enough to have your car stolen or even written off, this policy will make up any short fall between the outstanding amount on the finance agreement and the amount your insurance company pay out. 

Your choice of vehicle is total; any of our 8500 vehicles are available to you subject to credit.  But, at any given point in time, along with our funders, we have special offers available which represent the best lease deals available.  

Your can normally add accessories as the car will be dealer supplied.   It will come from a huge network of supplying dealers and be delivered to your door at an agreed time on a day to suite you.  

As its your car to use, you can used it to suite you, including taking it abroad, contact us and we will make sure you have any paperwork that you may need.

Our team of experienced account managers will guide you through the process of getting a credit line in place; you will then sign an order form with ourselves that we can use to confirm to supplying dealers the car details. The finance agreement will be emailed or posted to you for completions and return. 

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