Friday 14 December 2012

Avoid losing your car due to heavy flooding

With warnings about heavy flooding across the UK now in effect its time that you start thinking about your safety while out driving in these dangerous conditions.


Stories are constantly coming in to Car Lease UK  from our customers  abandoning their cars that have been trapped in flood waters. In reality it really isn’t that hard to avoid getting stuck in a situation like that and unless you are caught in a flash flood it’s very unlikely that you ever will. Firstly if there is a flooded area ahead of you it’s never really sensible to attempt to brave it if you can’t gauge the depth of the water. If the water starts to get into your vehicle it is very likely that this will cause some pretty severe issues and may even result in it ceasing to function entirely. In this situation, you need to be cautious even if you are in a 4x4.  

Flooding and heavy rain also means wet roads, so drive a bit slower and just generally use a bit of common sense when you’re out on wet roads. Listen for traffic advice on the radio and plan your journey out in advance to avoid dangerous roads that are susceptible to flooding.

Wet roads bring with them a whole series of issues but nothing that needs to affect you if you are sensible about it

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