Tuesday 5 March 2013

Ok, so you’ve decided to lease a car, now you need some car lease information for your lease car deal

Car Leasing deals from CarLease UK

If you are pricing car leasing deal, lease car deals from CarLease UK is always a great place to start. By the time you take a look through our 9000 competitively priced lease deals,  all the ground work is done for you.  We have a team dedicated to sourcing the best value cars and vans which we then spend time finding the optimum finance package to suit that vehicle using one of our three funding companies.
Toyota Prius CarLease deal
Bingo what more could you ask for. We don’t just price with one of our funders for the website, we price every car with each of them and then we only show you the cheapest car leasing deals. The result, every car or van is as cheap as it can be.
Once you have decided which vehicle you want, how long you want it for and whether or not you want maintenance included, you then have multiple ways to contact us.  You can email directly with your details from the cars own page on the website or email to enquiries@carlease.uk.com,  or if you would prefer you can contract us on google+facebook or twitter  and leave us a question.
Next, we will fill out a credit proposal form with you and get the funding in place for your new car. Delivery, which will be to your home  address, varies between a few weeks for stock vehicles to a couple of months for a car which is ordered via the manufacturer with particular specification . During this period of your deal, you will be pampered by our professional admin team, they will contact you to discuss what they need from you and they are  there to answer your questions.
We have an every growing choice of Eco-cars at CarLease UK.  For those with a company car, its really worth considering  eco car leasing to  save money on benefit in kind. The latest Hybrid Toyota’s are fantastically economical and some of them will use electric only on short journeys.

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