Monday 29 April 2013

Car Leasing news April 29th 2013

Car Leasing news April 29th 2013

Car Leasing news April 29th 2013

From 1st July 2013, further changes to congestion charge are coming

Fiat 500 Twin Air
 In order to escape congestion charge from 1st July, your car will need to have a CO2 g/km output of less than 75. The draconian new level which  has been badly received by business and private individuals means that unless you drive an electric vehicle then only three cars comply.   The Toyota Prius, the Fiat 500 Twin Air and the BMW 116ED Efficient Dynamics.

Toyota Prius
In a nod to those vehicles supplied via car leasing, the present levels are extended to 2016, as long as you register before July this year.Ignoring the changes is not the answer, the fine for not paying the fee has been changed from £10 to £130. The daily charge is £10.
We reckon that avoiding company car tax is easy, drive a mini  Clubvan
Mini are launching a van version of the popular Mini Clubman.   The windows will be blocked out and reinforced, it will also have a  bulkhead.  Anyone who has driven a Mini will tell you that they are great to drive. The Clubvan will be exactly the same  and as it is a van, your company car tax bill will fall by anything up to a third.

Mini Clubvan
BMW have given a peak at their new electric car
Before electric vehicles make headway into the car leasingmarket and the retail market, it needs a manufacturer of the profile of BMW to come to the party. Well it appears that we are just a few  months from BMW  launching the i3 city car which if it lives up to all the stats will be fantastic.  One of the first things BMW have done is to make the car very light. Acceleration from standstill uses most energy, so losing weight is essential.   BMW  have resorted to a carbon fibre body to achieve this.   BMW are training their technicians to install rapid charges at peoples homes and have also prepared a second version called the “range extender”.
Essentially BMW have added in one of their two cylinder motorcycle engines to generate electricity for the batteries.  The all electric version has a range of about 90 miles and the range extender is about 180 miles.  Fully charging the i3 is supposed to take just 3 hours.

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