Thursday 4 April 2013

Eco-leasing the way forword as Diesel, Hybrid and Electric improve

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Massive advances in diesel technology have reduced output of poisonous gases by as much as 90% in just the last five years. These advances and low sulphur fuels have called into question the necessity of banning cars from our city centers   Efficiency and tax benefits, including benefit in kind,  give you every reason in the world to consider eco-car leasing for yourself privately or for your business, but don’t forget to include some of the more efficient diesels in your calculations.
Cars like the BMW 320D and the latest VW Golf  are now so economical that they easily qualify for the CarLease UK list of eco-cars .  Extend this to include the Toyota PriusHybrid and its plug-n brother and even the Chevrolet Volt and the list grows to include some seriously economical cars.  Soon we will have very competent electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf and Renault’s fantastic range of electric cars.   Nissan are going to build, starting real soon, the Leaf in a purpose built factory in Tennessee and first indications are that the lower price of the car will be well received. In fact, initially allocation of the Leaf, Japanese made, has sold out many times over.
Volkswagen Golf Golf Hatchback Image
BMW 3 Series Diesel Saloon 320d M Sport 4dr Step Auto

It seems that whereas the all-electric cars are booming in the US, the hybrid units from Vauxhall/Chevrolet are not selling as well as expected. This is good news for Europe as production will be allocated to here and maybe drive prices down to compete head on with the Prius.
Ford of course have initially gone down the 1.0 petrol route, with our test here.  They are though just about to launch a number of Hybrids in Europe.  They will be marketing them along with a newly developed APP.  The one litre engine drives superbly and relies only on known technology to achieve great consumption figures and convenience of use.  The UK take up of this engine in the Focus and Fiesta has been really good and FORD deserved their engine of the year award.

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