Thursday 22 November 2012

1 Millionth Fiat 500 Produced 5 years after the cars original release

While the Fiat 500 may not be the most popular car in the UK it is still, globally, one of the more popular small cars. At Carlease UK we always have at least one proposal on the go for a 500. The 500 provides Fiat’s quality and style in a small car at a very reasonable price and as such the sales of 500s have been perpetually high across Europe and South America. It is because of this quality that Fiat is proud to have reached this rather substantial milestone, with the 1 Millionth 500 rolling off the production line inPoland.

To still be producing this car with some demand 5 years after release says something very positive and it has a history of high sales throughout its life span. The year after its release the Fiat 500 was being sold in over 100 countries and made up a whopping 13.9% of the European market for super mini’s.   It then went on to sell nearly 200,000 models in the following year as well.

This car has most likely been so popular due to the wide variety that is available within its model. If you are looking to lease a car with this level of pedigree and quality then why not have a look at our car leasing deals, we are sure we will be able to find a Fiat 500 to fit you.

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