Wednesday 28 November 2012

The new Skoda Rapid, a car with more features than an iPhone 5

he new Skoda Rapid follows in Skoda’s series of successful, quality car releases of late and continues their legacy of adding features to their cars that you never knew that you needed. Complete with features such as a phone pocket, a multimedia holder and even, if you can believe it, and ice scraper built  into the fuel cap! It continues Skoda’s great legacy of safety equipment and includes all of the systems that you have come to expect and all of the acronyms that you could think of; ESC Inc. ABS, MSR, ASR, EDS and HBA! Carlease UK cant wait for it to land.


As far as the car itself goes the Rapid is spacious enough that it would be useful for any jobs that required large amounts of equipment, but still has a very elegant air about it. As with all Skoda’s this high quality comes in at a very affordable price and you can expect to get a very reasonable car leasing deal.

The interior is smart and full of modern concepts, coming in a series of great looking colour combinations with simple but effective designs, straight edged and practical. The car is designed to feel efficient even in the interior and it does a great job of that all round. Its full of storage throughout and you will never struggle in finding somewhere to keep you travel equipment, whatever that may be, an ideal company car with efficient engines and good benefit in kind rates. 

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