Monday 19 November 2012

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At Around 10.0am on the 17th November, our attention was drawn to the sound of people shouting outside the offices we share with Enterprise Rent a Car on Warrington Road Leigh. On further inspection it became apparent that there was a vehicle ablaze just outside our car park, as can be seen from the video this was a serious fire.
The occupants managed to get clear of the burning vehicle, although the air ambulance was called in to take the more seriously injured directly to hospital. Hopefully they are receiving the quickest of medical treatment and will make a speedy recovery from this awful incident.
The emergency services showed us first hand the challenges they face everyday, taking everything in their stride. It seems there may have been an issue with LPG fuel on the vehicle, which somewhat exploded, a stark reminder of the potential issues with this type of setup. What was witnessed today was the professionalism and care of all of the emergency services involved, a big thank you to them!

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