Friday 9 November 2012

BMW build the most trustworthy and reliable lease cars, according to a recent survey

According to the latest Fleet News,   BMW is now producing the most reliable company cars for theUK. The figure comes from a series of questions that were asked to a number of top leasing companies regarding the figures for breakdowns and warranty claims on a number of cars and vans.

BMW have not only come out as the best overall manufacturer, but also have 3 cars in the top ten for most reliable, giving them a very solid record. And this is the second year in a row in which they have achieved this as well. The 3 series was the best rated with very few issues with breakdowns or warranty claims and came out on top of the VW golf and the Audi A4.  

With this kind of quality recorded from a 600,000 uklease car market shows some real quality and if you have though about leasing a BMW we are hoping that this will push you just that little bit in the right direction. We have always campaigned to let people know that we love the quality of BMW and these figures support us in our argument, why not get yourself a quote now? This could be the kind of thing your’e looking for.

The 320D accounts for a good percentage of the BMW’s that we supply on lease deals and at Carlease UK we make no secret of it being our favourite, with two on our own fleet.  In September, What Car ? announced the 320d ED as their own Green Car of the year, yet another option to buyers who want to join the BMW leasing club.

Auto Express call the 320D the “perfect all rounder”, again not without good reason, the latest model is so much more than a face lift, it really is very nearly a new car.   

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