Tuesday 5 February 2013

A research company in the UK, has declared the VW Golf to still be the best selling car in Europe

A research company in the UK, has declared the VW Golf to still be the best selling car in Europe

In 2011, VW sold 11% more Golf’s than in 2012.  Even so, the Golf remains the best selling car in Europe. VW described the drop as being a sharp one, but 2012 saw the launch of the Mk 7 Golf and a change in models always leads to a pause in sales. 

The new Golf, now available on contract hire, lease or personal contract, is a fantastic car.  We have a video of one (here) and have driven one to give you our impressions.  The car is all up a larger car, with more room inside, especially where you would most want it like leg and head room.  The new model is lighter than the outgoing due to the use of tricky lightweight steels and modern stronger plastics. 
The Ford Fiesta has seen a 13% drop over the year, again with a new model coming out, but even so it has overtaken the VW Polo for t second place.  The Polo, with a rather uneventful year, has fallen 20% over 2011, but has held on to third.  
The UK is apparently the only European country, of the main five economies, that did not see its total car market shrink in 2012, in fact it grew 5%.  Spain, Italy and France all experienced double digit falls in their car sales in 2012.  Portugal and Greece, as can be expected, saw larger falls of over 30%. 
It seems to be a consistent market for all German luxury brands like BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz.   They changed very little. 
In particular, BMW’s 3 seriesBMW 3 Series Diesel Saloon has had a stellar year, with 21% growth over 2011, an ever popular lease car, the 3 series has lead the field in investment in green technology and efficiency and its soon to followed with its sibling 4 series . 
Brands benefiting from the austerity in Europe, like Hyundai and Kia, have continued to grow, especially their lower priced i30 and i40models fro Hyundai.  

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