Saturday 23 February 2013

Carlease UK, the first choice car leasing company for Eco Cars, Hybrids and Benefit in Kind tax saving cars

One of the partners at Carlease UK is a greenie, with solar panels, too much insulation and jumpers. He even has chickens but no he does not have goats or a pig. Any way, as a result, we have always encouraged our customers to consider the benefits of  going green in their choice of company car.   Eco cars are not only more economical and so cheaper to run, but they also reduce CO2 emissions and will therefore attract less Benefit in Kind tax for your staff member.
From your company point of view, the car is cheaper to run because of reduce fuel cost, lower road fund licence costs. From your staff pint of view,   think about reducing driving hours where possible to save fuel and ensure that all cars are serviced up to date, maybe consider a maintenance package.   Staff with lower tax bills are normally happier staff.  Real savings of 20 to 30% can be made on a drivers benefit in kind.

Some advanced technology will mean that a business with company cars will be able to claim Enhanced Capital Allowances, meaning a higher proportion of the cost of your lease vehicle will be written off against tax in year one.   This enhanced level will start at 95 g/km from April of 2013, an emissions figure that was simply unattainable just five years ago has been driven by successive government tax incentives.
Going green saves money in London as well, were under 100 g/km emissions  or Euro 5 emissions qualifies your car for 100% discount from the congestion charge scheme.  Most Hybrids Toyota Prius are already qualifying for 100% discount with some very efficient diesels following in their track.

We offer a range of  Eco Cars of course, but we work hard to provide a choice of economical cars within more sectors, such as medium family cars, small and even 4×4. If you, like us, are really serious about your green car,  have a look at the Hybrid Honda and the Vauxhall Ampera (International Car of the year).    


OPEL   Ampera / Chevrolet Volt

using the Ampera in real life situations have been returning over 150 mpg, its only a matter of time before this beauty is the car of choice in California.

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