Tuesday 26 February 2013

Are Apps useful in lease cars and company cars

Very soon, most mobiles will be smart phones, capable of running Apps, whether they are Android or Apple.  Some Apps are really useful others of course are more of a toy.
Forgetting the obvious racing games and car stealing games, some Apps can be really useful.
Some of the most popular are parking Apps and vary from the AA backed Parkopedia to Free Apple ones such as Share Free Parking, Car parking UK .   It seems from blogs on line that the parking Apps are very city based and I suppose that its not really surprising as that is usually where the highest concentration of car parks are.

In so much as an ear piece or Bluetooth kit makes a mobile legal in a car,  texting is of course illegal.text to speak app A number of Apps are available, such as SMS, My Car and Me, that turn a text into a voice message.   Apple have equivalents such as Text’n Drive, which is available free.    Apps are already available for  theory tests and driving tests, but some are actually useful to company car drivers that are after all doing the most miles and using the most fuel.     iTunes has an App that covers thousands of petrol stations all over the UK and then reports the cheapest prices in a twenty mile radius.

Other, equally useful Apps jamcam  let you view traffic cameras,  find and book a hotel, check traffic conditions and recently, the Radio Player App was added to itunes.

Most of these Apps will be some use to lease car drivers, as phones advance, then they will run ever more.
Lex Autolease have an App that can manage your services and history, for the administration of your company cars, you can get an app to work out company car tax.  For those who have to record their mileage, Company Mileage logger lays out an easy to use recorder

The only question is, what is next?

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