Wednesday 27 February 2013

The Sun is out and our coupes and cabrio's are selling

The sun is out and it’s time for the company directors and partners to think about their own lease cars

This time of year, when the sun begins to shine, we get our first enquiries for nice convertibles and sports cars.   Whilst the image of a lease vehicle may be BMW 3 Series or Vauxhall Insignia, in many cases the decision makers drive Jaguar sports and Peugeot RCZ’s.
At CarLease UK, we are proud that we can discuss any of our products with an enquiring customer, from a small car or Eco car through to fabulous and bordering on the exotic.
Jaguar XK Lease

Take for example the Jaguar XK sports car.  Available in four models, the XK, XK Portfolio, the XKR and the wonderful XKR-S.  We have video blogged the XK below,

the build quality and attention to detail of this car is staggering.  The 5 litre V8 produces 385 bhp and you may think that would be enough, but that is not the way that Jaguar see it.  The XKR-S produces 550 bhhp and has a theoretical top speed of 300 kph.
We also offer many other superb sports tourers, from Mercedes Benz coupes, famous for their mile eating ability, BMW Coupes, including the soon the launch 4 series,        Aston Martin and Porsche. 
For those who like the sun on their head, have a look at our convertibles,  with over 8500 cars on offer, just on our website, we are bound to have a car to suite you.   If you need a personal service, really looking after, feel free to contact us, we assure you of our very best at all times.

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