Tuesday 26 February 2013

It’s not just about the size of your boot

Many of the lease cars that leasing companies supply are estate cars.  But they are not all the same, boring, rep-mobile built for mile crunching runs up and down the country from Manchester to London then to Liverpool, oh you get the picture.
As cars have evolved, engineers have reduced the amount of space that rear suspension takes out of your boot.  This means that some medium sized estates now have the boot space of some older large estates.
Boot space is measured in litres and of course is the total volume, which is not necessarily usable   But, if you think of a large suitcase as 100 litres and a set of golf clubs as 100 litres, you can perhaps more relate to the volume.

The 3 Series BMW at £252 per month, has 495 litres on offer before you fold the rear seats, this grows to 1500 litres, BMW 3 series at Carlease UK enough for a dozen suitcases.  It is in our opinion, and the business car users, the best company car available right now.

Out soon is the Volvo V60 plug-in Hybrid.  You know by now that we love our eco-cars and this is no exception.  All we know is that it is a diesel and electric motor so expect great economy figures and some really good benefit in kind figures.  The boot is a bit smaller than that of the BMW,

Next up, two absolute barnstormers:  The Jaguar XF SportbrakeJaguar XF Sportbrake,from £371 per month, weighing in with a meaty 1700 litres of boot space and the Mazda 6 Estate at 1680 litres.

There is obviously more to choosing your next lease car than its boot size, but these are some of the best. If you would like me to cover another area or type, let me know and I will get my info together.

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